Here’s your permission slip to dream bigger (and the one question to start asking yourself today)

start asking this question to get closer to your goals

I used to HATE the question – what if you won the lottery?

Ugh. What’s the point?!

I didn’t want to dream big because I didn’t like to think about what I would never have – ironic, as this is exactly the same mentality I think underpins some people’s commitment to the ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ trope which I LOATHE with all my being.

Heck, I even used to work on a campaign called Dare to Dream and I think it always lowkey bugged me for that reasons. Semantics, people. Language is my thing. Word choice matters.

Anyway, if you’re the type of person who tends to round off daydreaming sessions with a wistful or even bitter, “that would be nice,” I see you. I so feel you. I am you.

AND… I’d encourage you to try something slightly different next time.

Ending instead with “How could I?”

Leave that open ended question hanging. Let your brain stew and store it away and start to mull over the possibilities.

I know my lottery dreams are fairly modest. I’d plan another RTW trip and do more travel. Buy a house in a different suburb. Beyond that…

These really are not outrageous dreams. Although they are very difficult and expensive and seemingly impossible in NZ. Or so it feels.

But not actually impossible. If I were to price it out roughly, just back of the napkin calculations, they’re theoretically doable. I don’t need multimillions.

HOW, I don’t know. But even just the idea that these may be possible? It’s such a huge shift. And it feels so much better. Lighter. Expansive. Warmer.

So. Let “How could I?” be your guide for a bit. See how that feels for you.


2 thoughts on “Here’s your permission slip to dream bigger (and the one question to start asking yourself today)

  • Reply Amanda August 12, 2022 at 07:27

    I love this post. My therapist recently asked what my ideal life would be like so we could start working toward it. My answer was someone with a trust fund. I like this question better (and I would have the same wants for winning the lottery > all the travel, plus a house with a second bathroom). 🙂

    • Reply nzmuse August 14, 2022 at 20:48

      Haha. Yes to looking beyond the money itself and to what it would enable! Keep taking those steps <3

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