• My top 3 for the week

    1. OPSM Queen St. I hate OPSM, giant greedy retail chain that they are. But their current sale is pretty awesome, and the sales assistant on Q St is AMAZING; she’s a little gem. I may have to drop in and tell her manager to give her a pay rise. She’s funny, warm, friendly, UNPUSHY, helpful and sooo sooo knowledgeable. (Wide headed people unite!) I went in expecting to come out drained and depressed, but I came out having found multiple glasses I liked, fit me and within my budget. At least till we got to the lenses part..

    HOWEVER – $350 for lenses is totally unjustified. So for that reason alone I may not be returning there, no matter how fabulous she was or how awesome those Morgan frames were (pretty, comfortable and cheap).

    But yes – go there – she’s the angel of eyewear.

    2. Revive – mostly yummy, healthy vegetarian food and now a second store closer to uni! woop woop! And their weekly emails and vouchers – genius. Haven’t come across anyone who does such inspired promotions, the amount of freebies and student discounts they’re doing is unheard of.

    3. BnT – just cause I picked up a $65 plush bathrobe for 15.

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