• blah

    so we daytripped it to raglan on sunday – some scary roads on the way there! what a mission. it was awesome, but not really worth it too often – it’s a great place but not really worth a four hour round trip. it was the most freezing water i’ve ever encountered, and i surprised myself by going in and actually staying in for a fair while. unfortunately i’m pretty sure that’s what made me sick. raging cold the next day, but managed to sleep off the fever thankfully.

    was stoked to get that hideous lit review for intercultural back yesterday – with an A! given that i was expecting something in the low Bs. funny how that happens. particularly with our core papers. i never think i’ve done that well but i usually do all right.

    also got an A on the radio bulletin, so fingers crossed I can pull that one off again for the exam. definitely need the best grade I can for next year. i want to get in so badly i can’t even contemplate the alternative. i was actually on time to last week’s lecture, luckily, so i got to hear about it straight from the third years’ mouths. it’s going to be horrible, challenging, busy and stressful, but (i think) really rewarding. although i’ve had my doubts over the last two years i think this really is what i want, for now anyway.

    writing those pieces for Verve was really something. although they were really just fluff, it was quite exciting contacting people to get their comment, putting together a real story that was going to be published. it was really lucky that i managed to snag a copy of the north shore times from school, because if i hadn’t i would have missed a certain piece and never got in touch with the person involved – who was a great source for comment and provided the opposing view for my harbour story.

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