• Bullet points

    • I’ve always dismissed the idea of being a freelancer. Freelancers are flakey, insecure, don’t get benefits. I didn’t think I would have the discipline to get anything done if I didn’t go into an office every day. But writing for Verve and Cafe Philosophy this year has shown me that i could, in fact work from home. It would be really  nice in some ways. No more rushing around in the mornings or waiting for buses that are invariably late.
    • I’ve been finding it hard to draw the line between advertorial and editorial. Writing my Unitec story, for example. But I think an easy way to look at it is to see if there are any news values, ie, writing about Unitec if it was just opening, vs what I wrote about the courses it offers – basically a plug for them
    • I was freaking out not long ago about being 20. Two entire decades. But at some point I realised that I have plenty of time. The general plan is to work for a couple of years, then go overseas once the boy gets qualified (he’d be a couple of years behind me) and then work/travel for a year or two. then, in theory, come home and hopefully be able to buy some sort of place to live in. By then I’d still only be in my late 20s – not even 30. Pleeeenty of time.
  • Crappy work situation

    Things are kinda depressing at the moment. The boy has been going to work and regularly getting sent back home (about half the time). There’s just no jobs happening at ...

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  • The dating scene

    I’m so incredibly glad I don’t have to date. Going through the whole dating process sounds like hell on earth. I just can’t be bothered. Talking about yourself and rehashing ...

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  • Thoughts about Twilight

    it really bites to have a book you love continue, as a series, and watch it go downhill. i heard about the twilight series pretty late, long after they’d been ...

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  • Thoughts on Austin Hemmings

    it’s really interesting for me as a comms student to observe the different viewpoints of us, studying the media, and then seeing the other side of issues at work. key ...

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  • College in America

    Online learning is certainly the more effective option for students, but it’s also better for the environment.The Open University in Britain have found that online courses equate to an average of 90% less energy and ...

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  • The R word

    Yay, recession. It bugs me that over the last few months as interest rates soared, the rates on loans soared in kind. Yet now they’re starting to fall, I’m not ...

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  • Relief!

    Whew, just got off phone with the LL. Told him the boys suggested $405 (a $10 increase per week rather than $20). Was expecting a little fight and being me ...

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  • blah

    so we daytripped it to raglan on sunday – some scary roads on the way there! what a mission. it was awesome, but not really worth it too often – ...

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