• Product of the year!

    Frozen mashed potato.

    who would ever have thought?

    normally i’d turn my nose up and scoff at such a thing. BUT, i’ve found a little gem in the freezer aisle of countdown. it’s frozen mashed potato by select (the woolworths brand). not that powdered crap, it’s real mashed potato cut into little chip/spring roll size bits. still skeptical? don’t be. you pop it in the microwave, it melts, and melts into cheesy, creamy heavenly bliss.

    such goodness should be illegal.

    it is the perfect softness, richness and consistency. always. you don’t add anything to it – it’s all been done for you. for some reason it has a hint of cheesiness – it’s just like the mashed potato you get on fresh potato top pies from the bakery.

    i love mashed potato, but it’s such a time consuming thing to make. which is why this stuff has endeared itself even more to me.

    it’s fantabuloustic. go out and get yourself some.

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