• I finally got around to watching Obama’s speech on youtube!

    it was amazing.

    in no way do i wish i was american but in this case i would not have minded being there… i’ve always thought that the american fervour.spirit is scary! pep rallies, football matches, the presidential ralllies and protests – but this one was different for me.

    YES, WE CAN.

    our little elections just so didn’t measure up, i was super excited to vote for the first time ever and somehow found it really anticlimactic. why don’t we have touch screen voting machines in street laundromats? huh? huh??!

    but at the same time i wonder, what happens to those avid campaigners and supporters now he’s in the white house? now that he will be spending his time running the country and will no longer have time to engage with his youngest and most passionate followers

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