Standing on my own two feet

I’ll admit I often go on about having received no parental help (financially) in my adult life. I started out with a guitar and amp, my clothes, and $2000 – which may sound like a decent amount, but consider the costs of securing somewhere to live and the bare essentials  for someone starting from scratch – then made my own way from there. It’s both a point of pride and a point of bitterness, I guess. No money, no car, etc, apart from small birthday gifts.

But at the same time I owe them nothing.  I can do what I want and live my own life completely my way. Whereas friends of mine have free accommodation, food, cars and sometimes more, but most of them (not all though) pay for it by having to live by the rules. There’s less freedom and a fair bit more living under the parental thumb.

I think that I just like to be able to say that I’m self made, but accepting help means I won’t be able to say that anymore.

Where is the line?

I think I’ve already started down that slippery slope. First, accepting help with replacing my stolen stuff (half of the cost of my laptop/camera – they would’ve paid for it all but I just couldn’t do that). Now an offer of cash to start up a Rabo account to be eligible for a free $100 opening cash credit.

So tempting. I don’t NEED the money. You know, it’s not money I would have to use towards rent or bills. But let’s be honest, it sure would help, especially given that I don’t have all that much saved. (Another thing I struggle with. Everyone I know either has WAY more saved than I do…think  tons more, like closer to 5 figures; or virtually nothing at all.)

Maybe it’s my turn, maybe I deserve it, maybe they’re trying to even it up considering they are giving my brother so much. Maybe it’s a present for not dropping out of uni so far.

Would they be offended if I refuse? Would they keep trying, under different guises? It’s the only way they can offer me any help realistically, aside from bringing over food occasionally or taking me out to dinner.

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