According to BF’s first payslip, he is on slightly above the minimum wage.

I told him to get in touch with the co. and find out what’s happening with holiday pay. As a “temp” he should be receiving 8% holiday pay and if not then accruing leave. Neither is showing on his payslip.

Funny how debate over the minimum wage never concerned me until now. I was far above it. So was he. I guess it’s pretty easy to slip back down. We really need to work out a path for him. In the long term he really needs to get qualified, whether it’s in his last field or something completely new. That’s our best shot long term. Sure he could stay here and work his way up, but he’s starting from so low down, and they seem pretty dodge in wanting to keep all their fulltimers on temp contracts. And his skills would only be specific to this co. which is NOT a recipe for success.

I was thinking, it’s hard to drop down $4 an hour – even more considering the short contract gig he had in between. But expenses should also be lower. Less gas. Less wear and tear. And less travelling time. Lunches are cheaper because of the area (lots more choice, cheaper, local lunch bars, dairies, other food outlets). And he is not paying for tools or other gear out of his paycheck. For most of his time at the old co. he was paying something or other off, reducing his takehome.

I guess we’ll see, the budget is gonna have to be pretty fluid this year, considering the time I will have to take off work for my internship and other things.

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