Eating well…

is expensive!


One of my pet peeves is that we don’t eat enough greens. Hardly any veggies or fruit. (I’m picky, and BF thinks it’s fine to live off meat, sugar and cereal). This week we’re going to eat better, with fresher stuff – no more mashed potato with processed sausages, etc. We used to shop separately for meat and produce, but lately have just been doing it all at the supermarket (prices have been surprisingly good). Today we went to the butcher and vege shop and ended up $25 over budget. Why? Well, bananas are almost $3 a kilo. Kumara and potatoes, although not too expensive, are heavy. Tomatoes around $4 a kilo, and spring onions 99c a bunch (not vital, but we like them). Melons and the tropical fruits go from about $3 to 6 a kilo; mandarins were even more and looked nasty. Honestly, it would not be hard to spend $5 to $10 on fruit alone if you were so inclined! We bought onions, garlic, kumara and potatoes for a roast dinner. It was over $10. That’s for sides to one meal. ARGH.

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