Friday night, and I’m sitting here blogging (Yeah, I’m cool!)

Figured I should make up a list of things to do and buy.


Topup my trademe account and relist all the crap I haven’t sold.
And take photos of my latest pieces and create listings for them.
Do some more shorthand homework.
Tidy my desk and empty my bin.
Put all my clothes away.
Take photos of all my shoes, because I feel like posting up photos of my collection online.

Slightly longer term

Go into DTR and get my $60 credit back!
Go into Pak n Save and exchange that freaking light bulb that cost $6 and didn’t work!

Things to buy

Kitchen sponge
Toilet brush

It’s so wonderful to be able to relax a little at home and not spend my time running around madly emptying bins, wiping surfaces and washing dishes when I get home.

HF seems to have finally clicked that it’s not on to carry on living the way he has been. Now he actually does pick up after himself..his room is cleaner and he tidies up in the kitchen and does the dishes once or twice a week. Every so often the rubbish even gets taken out! Also, BF is not a big dishwasher (I generally do them most of the time, it’s an arrangement we worked out and are happy with). But being at home, and with our new flatmate, I think he’s been driven to do more! The other night he forbade me from washing up and insisted he would do them. A few days ago I called him at lunch and he was busy washing up a load…wonders will never cease.

And new flatmate actually buys things for the house…things like toilet paper, mop heads, cooking oil, cleaning products…We go through TP so fast it’s not funny. A roll a day. It’s really irritating having to remember to pick some up every week or running out halfway through the week. Plus it means other things we need to buy, don’t get bought (like some of the stuff on my list, and shampoo, and toothpaste, and bleach, etc…). New flatmate takes the pressure off.

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