Oh, poor me…

Here’s a little gem of a story about unemployment in the Herald.

“One person who was a high-flier marketer two years ago on huge money, $200,000, is looking at $130,000-$150,000 roles. It’s a domino effect,” she said.

Awwww. Pardon me for not empathising with that person! It’s about living within your means. By that time you are probably somewhat established in your career and yes, you might have huge student loans, but you don’t need to lease a car or buy a $600,000 house.

I recall reading an article (perhaps on MSN? Or maybe not) about a couple whose husband had to take up a pizza delivery job.

Yet their kids went to private school and they WOULDN’T COMPROMISE on that. Some kind soul donated their school fees. THAT DISGUSTED ME.

Why should someone else pay for your kids’ education????

How could you accept that?

If you are down to the breadline, you CUT all costs.

Private school is a luxury, not a necessity.

I understand especially in LA state schools are not the best. But when times are tough, you gotta do what you gotta do. And at the worst, the wife (who I don’t think worked) could always homeschool the kids.

Back to this story….Even $130,000 is a lot more than the median income in NZ. It’s not like this person’s income has been halved, either.

Going from $25 to $13 is much more of a hit.

And that’s why it irks me a little that low income earners aren’t getting a tax cut.

Like it’s been said many times, low income earners would DEFINITELY spend their tax cuts, because they don’t have a choice….the cost of living is so high, and in many cases outgoings are equal to or exceed incomings, so they don’t have the option of saving that extra money.

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