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Another expensive week! We had to get some work done on the car so it could pass a warrant, I bought a ticket to our end of year celebration/meet the editors bash, and then food and gas for our weekend away. PA250533

I also bought a beautiful new bag earlier this week – I’d been lusting after it for months and waiting for it to go on sale, but finally gave in. Plus, I wanted it for my interview on Thursday…the one that I had to cancel, yeah. But I’m really glad I finally bought it (not to mention that my old one was falling apart); half of that I had already set aside from my birthday money, and the rest came from all the overtime I was finally paid out.

Party ticket: $30 (I had to get out $40; stupid ATMs and not giving out tenners. If I remember rightly, we spent that ten dollars on food after I got home late and exhausted on Wednesday night :S)

Almost $120 on gas (that’s two  full tanks. We used about 1.5 to get there and back, plus a fair bit of driving around while up north. The rest will last us the rest of the week. It’s unbelievable how economical the first half of the tank is – we went SO much further than we did on the second half! Must start filling the car up rather than leaving it as long as possible.

$70 to hire scooters for an afternoon up north (seriously, hooning around on scooters is a GREAT way to sightsee.) They were $35 each; we rented one for the both of us, and paid for another for a friend, who’ll pay us back later this week.

$290 for work on the car plus a warrant (check) – included fixing up the rust in the boot, two new tyres, and fixing up the loose windscreen seal and the broken driver’s door lock (done when the car was broken into in Kelston….)

$30 for engine oil and a new oil filter

$60 for food over the weekend (around $15 of which, again, we paid for our friend and are expecting back). Included disappointing food at the ‘best fish and chip shop in NZ’  in Mangonui

$4 to go through the new Northern Toll Road (both ways)

And we still have to buy groceries for the rest of the week!

I’m still not sure how we’ll deal with the extra car and gas expenses – the trip was pretty spur of the moment. T is doing a few days’ worth of one-off work, and is due to be paid again for his coaching work (we’re still not sure how their pay cycle works. He was paid once, halfway through LAST month and not again since. He started there at the beginning of September, but had three weeks off due to school holidays, plus one rain day and today being a public holiday).

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