Tuesday Three

  • This is the future of banking and personal finance. Now, when are you coming to New Zealand?!
  • And this might be the future of term deposits. Investit lets you input how much you have to invest, then emails you the best options from either banks, non-bank providers, or both, depending on what you prefer. If any bids catch your fancy, you can then apply via the website (if supported) or else it will link you to the financial institution’s own site. Takes all the hard work out of it.

  • Result: I now have $10k in a 4.4% term deposit, another $2-3k in other deposits, and the rest of my cash in online savings accounts. My main concern was finding somewhere to park my travel fund, as it won’t be touched for a minimum for six months – and more likely much, much longer – and I got a sweet 5-month rate. Oddly enough, some of the shorter term deposits were offering higher returns than the longer ones, which no doubt has something to do with lending at the other end but that I don’t see enough reason to research right now.

All in all, finances have me pretty psyched this week. Will it last?

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